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What You Save From the Manufactured Home Production Process

Manufactured homes are becoming more popular due to considerable savings compared to onsite construction and technological advances that make them more durable and high quality than ever before. They are also safer, more wind resistant, and more fire-resistant than they were just decades ago. When comparing quality and price, you may be able to save over 50% while still purchasing a home of similar quality now.

Why You Save Money on Manufactured Homes

When you choose a manufactured home over one constructed onsite, you benefit from huge savings. The reasons for this include the following.

  • Economies of Scale- Whenever materials are mass-produced, the customer benefits from lower material costs.
  • Fewer Construction Delays- Once you decide on a design for your manufactured home, it can be produced efficiently. Labor is one of the costs of building a new home, so reducing production time can save you a lot of money.
  • A Controlled Manufacturing Environment- When constructing a home onsite, you may be subject to hurdles that are beyond your control. Inclement weather, vandalism, accidents, thievery, and unqualified laborers can delay the completion of your home and increase the cost of materials and labor.
  • Factory Production is Just More Efficient- There is a common misconception regarding the quality of materials used in manufactured homes. In reality, manufactured homes use the same materials, but in a factory where all of the materials are available. Materials do not need to be transported and the laborers are more productive.
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership- Recent advances in technology have improved the energy efficiency of manufactured homes. They have better insulation, upgraded HVAC systems, and are easier to maintain, resulting in lower electricity bills and repair costs. Over time, these savings add up and provide an advantage over traditional onsite construction.

In addition to the savings you receive, manufactured homes allow you to customize your home to any style. This makes it easier to incorporate your home with its surroundings, such as making it fit in with the other homes in your new neighborhood. You can typically expect delivery and installation within weeks of ordering.

Buy Your Quality Manufactured Home from Homes Direct

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