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Tips to Help Maintain Your Manufactured Home

Just like any other home, a manufactured home needs regular maintenance. Protect your manufactured home with these tips.


Be sure to check the leveling of your manufactured home at least once a year. You can do this easily with a carpenter’s level. If it’s not level, call in a professional to fix it.

Waterproof the Roof

You don’t want any water leaking into your home. Be sure to coat the roof with a durable waterproof coating once a year. And check for missing shingles, broken shingles and any debris.

Inspect the Frame

Any areas on the frame that appear damaged or scratched can result in corrosion or rust of your manufactured home. Touch up any damage with a quality asphaltic base pain or zinc chromate.

Check the Caulking

To keep your home energy efficient, check the caulking around doors, windows and vents. If you notice any peeling or cracking, just re-caulk the areas.

Clean the Vinyl Siding

If the home has vinyl siding, clean it with detergent and water. If there’s mildew, use chlorine bleach and water. If the interior walls have vinyl, clean them with a mild detergent.

Check the Gutters For Clogs

Clogged gutters can cause issues like leaking, foundation damage and water damage. Make sure your gutters aren’t clogged.

Cover Up Ceiling Stains

For mild ceiling stains, you can shoe polish, white chalk or soft erasers to hide them. If it’s a tough spot, just repaint it.

No Abrasives on Fiberglass Showers, Tubs or Sinks

If your shower, tub or sink is made of fiberglass don’t use an abrasive cleaner. This can cause discoloration on the fixtures. Stick with something that is non-abrasive.

Following these tips will keep your home free from wear and tear and keep it looking good.