image of couple planning furniture for home

Best Furniture For a Manufactured Home

Today, manufactured homes are larger and more luxurious, while remaining very cost-effective. But manufactured homes do have some idiosyncrasies when it comes to layout. Most manufactured homes are more narrow than stick-built homes, which can reduce the possibilities when it comes to furniture. Here’s what you need to know.

Start With Your Layout and Furniture Sizes

Don’t just eyeball furnishings. When you find furniture that you like, take measurements, and outline those measurements on your floor. Use blue painter’s tape. Just because something “fits” in your home doesn’t mean it feels good in your home. Walk around your outlines and see if you have enough space to move comfortably.

Look for Complete Sets

Sets tend to fit better together. Rather than purchasing a dining table and chairs separately, for instance, purchase them together. Purchase a couch and loveseat set, rather than a couch and loveseat separately. Purchase coffee tables that go with the couch and loveseat. The more you can find complete sets, the more likely it is for the sets to work well together. Further, complete sets are usually cheaper than buying things one at a time.

Take a Look at Multi-Purpose Furniture

Get a desk that’s also a dining table, a coffee table that lifts to become a dining table, or a chair that has a pull-out end table. Some coffee tables have chairs that pull out from beneath them, and some kitchen tables can double as storage. When you’re dealing with limited space, you want furniture that can perform multiple tasks. Furniture that has storage in it is exceptionally popular: ottomans can have storage inside of them, as can beds and couches.

Look for Rounded Furnishings Rather than Straight Lines

It may not be just measurements you need to take a look at. Consider that rounded furnishings also take up less space. Round tables, for instance, are going to take up a lot less space than square tables. Take a look at the types of furnishings that are available. Even chairs can take up more or less space with the same dimensions: a chair that is a half-circle is going to take up less space than a chair that is a half-square.

Spend More for Longer Lasting Furniture

Don’t be afraid to spend money on high-quality furniture. It’s better to spend $3,000 on a couch now than $1,000 every year. When you’re choosing furniture for a manufactured home, you’ll usually be choosing smaller furnishings. But if you’re buying smaller, cheaper items, they’re usually going to be of a lower quality grade; they’ll fall apart on you if you aren’t careful. If you’re buying smaller items pay more for quality — it’ll still be cheaper than larger items, and they’re going to last you much longer.

Apart from size and space considerations, the best furniture for a manufactured home is the best furniture for any home: High quality and in a style that suits you. As long as you’re certain it will fit (and will fit comfortably), you shouldn’t have any restrictions for your manufactured home. Just start looking at furnishing that appeals to you, and you’ll eventually find the perfect thing for your property.