5 Ways to Keep Your Manufactured Home Cool and Comfortable This Summer

If you live in a climate that sees sweltering summers, then you might constantly be looking for ways to keep your manufactured home cool and comfortable as a respite from the heat. At the same time, you may also be trying to avoid sky-high energy bills. Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your manufactured home without wasting your hard-earned money on your utility bills can be challenging, but there are some simple yet effective things you can do.

1. Have Your AC Serviced

No matter what kind of air conditioning system you have installed at your manufactured home, regular maintenance is important. Once a year during the spring or early summer, it’s a good idea to have an experienced and reputable AC technician come out to your home for an inspection and tune-up. This will make sure your AC is prepared for the summer months and running as efficiently as possible. An inspection can also alert you to minor issues that you can repair now to improve performance and save you money down the road.

2. Use (Or Install) Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can make a huge difference in the level of comfort inside your home. If your manufactured home has ceiling fans already, make sure you’re taking advantage of them by running them frequently. Specifically, you’ll want to make sure that your ceiling fans are all set to rotate counter-clockwise during the summer months, as this will push cool air down towards you. You might even be able to save some money on your energy bills by running your ceiling fans and turning your thermostat up a degree or two.

3. Upgrade Your Insulation

If your manufactured home is older, its insulation may be lacking. Having new insulation installed in your home will cost you some money up-front, but this will also help your home stay cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter without using more energy.

4. Block Sunlight With Window Treatments

Use window treatments to your advantage to block out light during the sunniest times of day. Blackout shades, blinds, and drapes work wonders at regulating temperatures inside your home. Plus, they can add a nice pop of color or style to your room’s design!

5. Take Control of Indoor Humidity

Higher levels of indoor humidity can actually make your home feel a lot warmer than it is. If your manufactured home tends to have high humidity (greater than 50%), it may be time to invest in a dehumidifier for your home. You can purchase standalone dehumidifiers that pull moisture out of the air, though in some cases, you may be able to have one installed on your existing HVAC system. It just depends on what the heating/cooling setup is like at your home.

The Bottom Line

Keeping cool during the summer months isn’t just a matter of comfort; on the hottest of days, it can truly be a matter of safety. By following these tips, you can keep your home a little cooler and more comfortable while possibly cutting down on your energy bills a bit in the process.